Bahamas Covid 19 Chronicles

01 Apr

Fear is F alse E vidence A pearing R eal......If you are religious I hear stories of the end times yet it says no one knows. If you are secular I hear conspiracy theories in your blog posts and communications, if you are humanist........I hear accusations of systems that do and do not work, if you are atheist I hear anger regarding any reference to God or a high power because with you the buck stops, if you are an artist I hear rejoicing because scientist are stuck confuse and its been such a long time since we have been faced with such a challenging equation.......if you are a scientist there is no sleep for you finally you have a meaningful purpose for existence something to fix.....if you are a physician I hear the wonderment as to I got into this career for the loot the really want me to put my good life on the line for suffering old persons....that means I would have to feel again, live again, see my weakness as an expert.  

So many emotions today.....what really is  the meaning of my kids what if I have to take a two week hiatus in quarantine, my kids are truly my legacy and my value system perhaps needs readjusting. I don't want to suffer, I want it my way on my time with agenda set by me.....not another high than I........How many are better off because I have lived or died.....this is truly one of toughest days of my life....economics is not forefront in my mind when I face....the grim reaper.....or am I called to a higher road, transcendent existence....standing before my maker and giving account for what I have done in the flesh.  Can I really be paid for facing the invisible giant in the land.  Who will go for us?  I will......That's the medical call......GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TODAY TO BE  INCONVENIENCED GO OUT OF YOUR WAY  and find true meaning in life!

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